God Save McQueen

It is with great sadness that our first blog entry is about the untimely death of a fashion extraordinaire. It is…in a word- tragic. The passing away of one of the most talented designers of our time is truly heart breaking.

His talent will be sorely missed, his incredible attention to detail unmatched and his popping ideas and creations unparalleled. It is a huge loss for not only the fashion industry, but the world-over.

Our prayers and thoughts go to his family and friends and also to other saddened admirers.

May we take inspiration from his life, and live every day…as if it were our last.
God Save McQueen. x


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One response to “God Save McQueen

  1. It is truly sad that the fashion world has lost a talented soul!. Alexander McQueen has created some of the most usually beautiful outfits and shoes! The Lady Gaga video – Bad Romance will forever live on as his creative genius behind his clothing and foot wear!!..

    Long Live Mcqueen!…

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