Victoria Beckham….Fashion Designer??

14 Years ago Victoria Beckham was known as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls, today although still referred as posh spice, she no longer carry’s that nickname! Today she is referred to a Fashion Designer (she already has a successful signature perfume line, sunglasses line and her denim range d’v’b). After unveiling her Fall 2010 Victoria Beckham designer collection at New York Fashion week, she is really starting to come into her own. Although very skeptical when first reading that Victoria Beckham would pursue designing, her designs have actually been rather good.

In this fall collection the use of elegant slim line dress,  a sass of sexiness and a dash of colour from reds, blues, black, creams and graphite. You can tell she follows a simple formula (that can be seen throughout her previous collections also) in that she knows what works well and will look good on woman!.

For a woman who is under pressure from the fashion worlds eye to live up to the hype with the ability to design collections that are wearable, Victoria has shown her growing skills and designs over the past four collections and I think she has very much found her Niche (no more singing for you!!)

What do you think of the collection? Would you wear anything from it?


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One response to “Victoria Beckham….Fashion Designer??

  1. Sam

    I’ve only seen a few of her designs but so far I think she’s doing a pretty good job. I recently saw someone famous (can’t remember who :P) wearing a certain black dress of her design and I thought that was very good.

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