Will you be my….man of honor?!!

If you haven’t seen the rom-com “Made of Honor” you are missing out!! ( we forgive you guys, after all we wouldn’t love them so much if our “other half” was out of a romantic comedy now would we?!!)

See here’s the thing….I’m ( Sara)  getting married at the end of the year ( wickedly exciting i know!) BUT I have a situation….

I have recently been thinking of who I would choose for my bridesmaids….one hilarious suggestion ( from my mum after a wine or three) was that I should consider one of my “man friends” to be one of my bridesmaids …. …. mum and I laughed quite a lot…then some more…and then we both thought….well why the hell not?!!!

We are living in an age where “anything goes” ( mums term) so why can’t I have a man as a bridesmaid?!!

This brings me back to the “Made of Honor” film ( thank you McDreamy). Granted it was a strange concept having Dreamy as the Maid of honor…but I kinda like it….its about friendship which is not limited by gender….so

Should I seriously consider one of my man friends to be my bridesmaid?!!!

What say you?!!!


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One response to “Will you be my….man of honor?!!

  1. Sam

    Go for it! 😀

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