We’re back…. well it has been a while

Hello Ladies (and Gents), how are you? Fantastic!!..(Don’t you just love the old spice guy ūüôā )

Well… yes it has been a very long while since our last post! 7 months exactly! I know, I know it’s bad!!… However Sara and I have been keeping ourselves very busy (mostly work related) of late and sadly neglected¬†¬†this fab website!!. So i decided it was a great time to get back into as there is so much happening that we love to talk about! So here it goes…

First just in case you have forgotten…. here is a little about ourselves and the blog!…

Our names are Maria and Sara and we are obsessed in all things FASHION, JEWELLERY, SHOPPING & TRAVEL!!. We live and breathe for our passion and spend most of our weekly pay on this very bad (but yet so good) habit!! :o)

Sara & Maria @ Lady Gaga!

This blog is something fun for Sara and I to do in our spare time!. We made a goal at the start of this year we wanted to start a blog and discuss fun stuff that we know all girls love chatting about, so we did but then became lazy and way to busy!!..

My friends have been telling me for years that I’m the stylish person they know (well I am pretty stylish!), so we will try each week (or two) to discuss a different topic, may it be travel, what to wear to the races, ¬†why can’t I find any nice Pleasure State underwear anywhere?, to helping men out on how to plan a perfect ¬†romantic night out with their leading lady (trust me some men are really lost in this subject area!!). So you all get the point, Fashion, Jewellery, Life, Travel etc… we have been a little rusty for a while, so it wont be perfect (especially my spelling) but it will be fun!!.

Let’s begin…

As Miss Sara is currently away overseas in Europe (lucky girl how did she manage that!!)….It is a bit hard for her to tell you about her fabulous self, so when she returns she can up date you about herself and her adventures then!!..

So in the mean time here is a little run down (on my fave brands and loves etc) on me … Maria!!

I’m a 26-year-old Canberra girl who has lived here my whole life, I’m the youngest of 5 kids and the only girl in my family (so you could say at a very young age I had been spoilt!). My parents are Italian (very old school to say the least) originating from the South of Italy… and im longing to head back to Sicily one day, to retire there with the mass fortune I’ll hopefully make in my life time!!…. I have a degree in Bachelor¬†of Tourism and Marketing (something that I have not really used since graduating) and I love being creative!!.I work best when with Sara, as we just feed off each others creativeness and craziness, as ideas just keep popping into our heads all the time!!

So what is there about me you don’t already know…? ¬†Well lets see, i have already mention i have lived in Canberra my whole life and although I, at the best of times love Canberra, im very much looking forward to and counting down the days to when i finally make my big move to sunny Queensland. A change of scenery is always good and plus it also helps that the love of my life lives up there as well :). I love reading books, magazines and gossip websites, spending way to much time of facebook, ¬†hanging out with the most amazing friends & boyfriend!!. Oh and i can’t start my day without Raw Suga Coffee (Hello good-looking boys! No joke they are all really really good looking, if you don’t believe me check it out yourself!!) . My love for jewellery (and fashion) had started at a young age and only in the last year i have realised it is what i want to do for the rest of my life. Reading about gemstones and minerals is my fave past time and wished that i had study this field earlier in life as it truly is amazing.

Me on holidays at Portafino, Italy!!

So when did i develop this passion?? Well let me tell you…I¬†had developed the love of all things fashion especially high-end designers at the young age of 6, when my gorgeous mother let me open her original edu du parfum Chanel bottle (and this was the real parfum not the watered down stuff!!). In the process I¬†accidentally, to my mothers horror, dropped the bottle and spilt the entire bottle everywhere. This was the first and last time¬†I was allowed anywhere near my mothers things!!.

Haha the beginning of the end..

Years later I still can’t get enough of Chanel. You could say I’m a bit of a brand junkie!. I love anything by Chanel (especially the makeup), Prada (hence the blog title) and Gucci. I think brands like Louis Vittion are over played and there are to many fakes now days that why spend the money really. Those who know me very very well know I love love CUE. One of the finest Australian clothing companies out there, produce the best range of clothing available for ladies!. Although not cheap at the best of times, their clothing really is worth it!

Cue clothing is made to fit any womans figure perfectly, woman look smart, sexy and confidant. My addiction with cue had become so bad that i was buying a piece of clothing once a week (average starting price for Cue clothing $150) and the staff (in more than one store) know me by name!!.

30% off I'm so there... hmm i think i may have picked up this jacket at some point!!

In today’s society I think it is very sad how many young girls and even woman dress…Style and effort have gone out the window as well as self-worth (no one wants to see the colour of your under wear, oh hang on your not wearing any!!). Take me back to the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s ( has any one watched Mad ¬†Men?? that’s the dress style i am talking about !) Where woman dress like woman and dressing up was not only important but you couldn’t leave the house unless your Mary Janes were perfect!!. Stores like Supre, Seduce etc have a lot to answer for ¬†now days!. ¬†When woman put that little extra effort, they really do get noticed!. Casing point see below picture!!

Ladies in Red...Um Heidi didn't you get the memo?? Sara, Heidi, Yulia and myself all wearing Cue clothing!!. Looking so very fabulous!.

Another brand that I love is Ralph Lauren. The king of Polo shirts for men and ladies, Ralph Lauren makes the most stylish, sexy, sophisticated and yet best ¬†“upper class – country club” look around!!..I have never seen any guys (or girls for that matter) not look good whilst wearing Mr Lauren!! Dont believe me?… Well, let me tell you a story… at the very young age of 4 (Yes 4) I meet a little boy whole stole my heart… 22 years later this boy is now my boyfriend ( YAY!! ūüôā ) has now become addicted to the brand… all cos of the first business shirt I brought him for a birthday present. This shirt in question sparked another business shirt, a polo top, another polo top, an awesome italian world cup top and I’m pretty sure there will be more Ralph Lauren purchases in the future as well!

Luis in a nice Ralph Lauren Shirt... and me in Cue of course!

and see… how good does Ralph Lauren look? If your¬†stuck in buying your man something for a special occasion etc then head to the Ralph Lauren section in David Jones (although note to DJ’s Canberra Centre get with the times and upgrade your selection, seriously!!) to find something I’m sure your man will look good in!.

So your probably thinking how can I afford this??… Do I work?? Well yes of course I do!!… Although I would love to keep living off my parents.. but i do have to grow up some time!!.. I work for a fabulous company called Solitaire Jewellers (located within the Canberra Centre, it is so bright that it is too hard not to miss it!).

Solitaire!!... How good does it look!!

I have been working in jewellery for almost 8 years and the last two with Diamond Design¬†Canberra. Sara and I both worked at the original flagship store Arnold and Co Jewellers, when the opportunity came up to manage this brand new jewellery store, we both jumped at the chance!. So what makes this jewellery shop different from everything else out there? Well the shop specialise in wedding rings, engagement rings and bridal jewellery, we have a great range of gents cufflinks and beautiful everyday jewellery by Gerogini. We provide a level of customer service that you don’t seem to get these days and we love the fact men (and woman) are able to personalise their own wedding/engagement rings, making it more personal and different to everyone else. ¬†Sara and I both love what we do (most of the time) and the store is our pride and joy. My one wish for this store, is to see this brand become a house hold name like Tiffany & Co., to see a stunning piece on a celebrity and getting a kick out of seeing our jewellery on customers outside the store!.¬†The Diamond Design group has a total of 6 stores all in Canberra… I would love to see the store also expand outside the ACT to say another state/city ¬†say like Brisbane or London (lol… Yes Sara!!)!!..Hopefully within the next two years!!.. That is my dream.. and would do anything (well mostly anything!!) to make this happen.

Last but not least Hello Kitty… oh Hello Kitty… a small white cat (she has no mouth, just in case you’re wondering) from Japan that wears a shiny red bow above her left ear, has become a sad addiction I¬†have had since the age of 16. Yes i know it is sad and I¬†was obsessed to the point where i wanted a toaster that made the hello kitty print on the bread, however something inside of me just can’t get enough of her!!. and neither can celebrities for that matter…

Gaga and Kitty

and… a couple of others

Brit & Kitty

Miss Perry... wearing Hello Kitty

and the list goes on and on…So i guess im not that sad after all!! Oh btw the HK necklace that Britney Spears is wearing is made out of 18k yellow gold and platinum with black sapphires, pink sapphires and all yellow & white diamonds. This is worth around $20,000 so really that isn’t kid related at all!!.

So there you have it…a very short ¬†(haha or long maybe) run down of everything you need to know so far! I hope that you will get enjoyment out of reading our posts and that they may help you in some way, please leave comments and suggestions as we love to hear from you all!!.. so stay tuned there is more to come ūüôā


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