Is Old School Romance Dead??

A couple of months back over a period of two weeks, I sat down with my  laptop and watched the entire series of Sex and the City. Once I had finished, it got me thinking about romance and happy endings!!.. Cos after all Carries did end up with Mr Big!!

In one of my favourite episodes from season 6 titled ” the Ick Factor” showcases the overall opinion about romance and if it is dead?

I love how in this episode Carrie starts of thinking that all the romance that is being shown to her, is in her words “ick”!!… but towards the end, she begins to believe in romance again!

In reality, I really hope to believe that in today’s society,  that old school romance and happy endings still do exist and not just in TV shows

So.. this got me thinking a little further into this topic!

As I work in a fabulous Jewellery store,  I see on a daily basis men (and woman) looking for engagement rings, birthday presents, anniversary gifts etc. And within the past week, I had served 2 customers that helped contribute to my school of thought (oh the above clip from sex and the city also helped a little) about old school romance and does it still exist?

So here it goes…

Customer 1. This young gentlemen had walk into the store, after exchanging the typical Hi, how are you today? role play, I ask him if  I could help him with finding something. The gentleman not really giving much away, tells me “oh just looking at the moment”. After a minute, I asked him again if he would like to look at something, he points to the stunning Georgini bracelet. I begin to explain him the stunning piece to him and then I asked what was the gift for  a birthday, anniversary etc… and he said neither just cos I love her!!

At that very moment my heart skipped a beat from those words… after my awww you are so sweet and so romantic, we started talking a bit more, I mention to him I thought old school romance was dead and that hardly boys now days take the time or effort to appreciate their wives, partners and girlfriends anymore without having something tied to it like a Birthday, Christmas etc. I explain to him that I love the fact he was buying something just because he loved his girlfriend!! (Although that is what he told me… he could have been in very big trouble for something he did and needed a I’m sorry present!!.. LOL!)

At the start of every relationship it is alway rosy or as they like to call it “the honeymoon period”… Ah date nights, dinners, movies, flowers/roses etc etc… but as time goes on.. some of these little gestures just seem to fade away!! (And yes they do and you all know it!!)

Customer 2. I had another gentleman come into the store to pick up his wedding band and asked what do i need to by my future wife for our one year anniversary. I said … it is really up to you, traditionally paper is the first anniversary gift, however a diamond channel set eternity band is not bad idea either!! The customer and his friend laugh and they went on to tell me a story of how they knew a gentleman (if you could call this guy that!) that kept the roll of toilet paper from the couple’s honeymoon hotel and gave it to his wife on their anniversary!!…I laugh out loud so hard.. I swear that people walking past the store didn’t know what to think of the noise!!..

This is an EPIC FAIL!!!…. The customer did mention the wife wasn’t to happy about the gift at all!! Its paper related… but maybe next time how about gift voucher or a card??… NOT TOILET PAPER! So this is not a gift of any sort to give to your love one!!.

Here are a few suggestions for both men and woman to do something special for your love one for no reason other than to say they are special…

Trust me, as they expect things for their birthday, anniversary, Christmas etc, it is when, it is out of the blue that really counts.. oh and it can earn you many brownie points in the long run!!.

Gift For Her

1. Her favourite bunch of flowers from her favorite florist, write her a nice card, or little note!

2. A day out or session at a Day Spa

3. A nice piece of timeless Jewellery from Solitaire Jewellers!

4. A weekend away to the coast or another city like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane etc

5. $500 and tell her she can spend it on what ever she wants… (lol maybe pushing it??)

Other suggestions, cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie you both haven’t seen, take her out to breakfast, or a romantic night of dinner and dancing, or go to a show/play at your local theater, have a walk around the lake or hit up the local markets.

For Him

1. Get him a gift voucher to paintball (so much fun believe me) or anything else sports related, tickets to any sporting event like, soccer, league, formula one (great gift idea he can watch the race you can go shopping in Melbourne!! Win-Win for both) etc etc, go carting within the boys, a couple of rounds of golf at Pitch and Putt or Viking Golf course at Narrabundah.

2. A nice pair of Iphone Cufflinks from Solitaire

3. A couple of nice tops or shirts from his favourite bands, wallet, etc etc

4. A months supply of his favorite beer!!

5. Anything Playstation games related like FIFA 11, Halo etc etc – but do mention to him, if he becomes to addicted to this, then just tell him that it will interfere with sexy time and i’m sure that may make him think twice!.

Other suggestions if he plays sports go watch him play or take him out for a drink at the local pub or club.

Another great idea is simply telling the person that you love them… as sometimes those 3 words are enough on their own!

So…there you have it, a few small/grand gestures on how to keep romance alive in your relationship!


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