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And a MASSIVE, GIGANTIC and ENTHUSIASTIC THANK YOU to Mr. Blair Doherty for creating and designing our *BRAND SPANKING NEW LOGO!!!

Thank you so much for creation…. there will be plenty of Belgian Beer coming your way soon ๐Ÿ™‚ xox


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Bloggers are leading the pack! The fashion pack that is….

THEDINGOSTOLEMYPRADA is only new on the block….but then again we are scaffolding a house in one populated “blog- arama”.

Who was front row at the D&G Spring/Summer launch?! What famous blog master had a bag named after them? (Bryanboy dahling) Who do we now look towards for our fashion style?! The answer in 2010 is BLOGGERS.

Bloggers are the new leaders in fashion. ( Almost) Gone are the days of only fashion magazine editors ruling the fashion empire. We now want fashion updates, style counsel and new trends…and we want them NOW. With our ever increasing skills with technology ( hello Ipad) we have the world of fashion at our little chubby fingertips. Even the fashion houses are jumping on the web-wagon…ย  Italian royalty Prada launched their Fall/Winter collection via a live web stream. And we call got the personal invite. (Miss it?! Don’t fret, go to…it’s still playing)

The best part about this internet fashion-frenzy is its accessibility. Us Aussies are on an island thousands of kilometers away from any gorgeous fashion week soiree, but with bloggers and websites like FASHIONAIR we can update our virtual wishlists at any time.

We love the generation of fashion leaders…our fav’s:

The Satorialist ( simply chic and with real people to boot) ( witty and fashionable- its style in a coffee cup) (we heart the 7 days of chic) ( their newย  in-house magazine is a must read) ( for all your trashy gossip tit-bits)

Clothes, camera and (a 14year old fashion genius)

What else can be said?!….. except start clicking and reading! ๐Ÿ™‚


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